Posted time August 9, 2023 Location Dubai Job type CAD

Job Title: Jewelry Cad Designer

Experience: min 2 Years

Location: Deira, Dubai

Salary: up to 3K AED to 6K AED

Industry: Jewelry & Gems


Job Summary:

Based in Deira, Dubai, we’re hiring an experienced Jewelry CAD Designer with a minimum of 2 years’ expertise in the Jewelry & Gems industry. Offering a competitive salary range of 3,000 AED to 6,000 AED, this role provides an excellent opportunity for career growth. Collaborate with the esteemed Job Placement Agency in Dubai to seamlessly secure this position. Join us in Dubai and let our dedicated job placement experts guide you towards success in the field of jewelry design.



Jewelry Design Creation:

  • Additionally, conceptualize and develop intricate jewelry designs using CAD software.
  • Furthermore, ensure designs align with client preferences and industry trends.

Technical Detailing:

  • Moreover, translate design concepts into precise technical drawings for production.
  • In addition, collaborate with artisans to ensure accurate fabrication.

Design Innovation and Adaptation:

  • Similarly, stay updated on emerging design trends and incorporate innovative ideas.
  • Likewise, adapt designs based on client feedback and changing market demands.



Experience and Expertise:

  • Additionally, possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience in jewelry CAD designing.
  • Furthermore, a background in the Jewelry & Gems industry is preferred.

Technical Proficiency:

  • Moreover, demonstrate mastery in using CAD software for jewelry design.
  • In addition, understanding of jewelry production processes is essential.

Attention to Detail:

  • Similarly, showcase meticulous attention to intricate design elements.
  • Likewise, ensure precision in translating designs to technical drawings.



Creative Vision:

  • On the other hand, exhibit a creative mindset to craft unique and appealing designs.
  • However, balance creativity with adhering to design guidelines.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Additionally, effectively communicate design concepts to team members.
  • Furthermore, collaborate seamlessly with artisans and other stakeholders.


  • Moreover, readily adapt designs based on feedback and changing requirements.
  • Similarly, remain flexible to accommodate variations in client preferences.



Elevate jewelry design in Dubai’s heart, Deira. Join as a Jewelry CAD Designer, infuse innovation through CAD mastery. Partner with Dubai’s prime Job Placement Agency for a rewarding creative journey. Apply today!

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