Posted time July 26, 2023 Location Surat Job type Java

Job Profile : Java Specialist

Experience : 1 to 4 Years

Salary : 25k to 55k

Location : Surat

Industry : IT


Job Summary:

Join our dynamic team as a Java Specialist with 1 to 4 years of experience. We are the Best IT Placement Company in Surat, dedicated to finding the right talent for top-notch projects. Showcase your Java expertise and work on cutting-edge solutions in a collaborative environment. Earn a competitive salary ranging from 25k to 55k per month. As the Best IT Placement Agency in Surat, we strive to foster your professional growth and provide exciting opportunities. Take your Java career to new heights with us!



        Project Development

Additionally, collaborate with the development team to design, code, test, and implement Java applications.

Furthermore, participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to improve code quality.

        Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing

Moreover, investigate and resolve issues reported by users and clients in a timely manner.

In addition, identify and fix bugs in existing Java applications to ensure smooth functioning.

        Performance Optimization

Similarly, analyze Java code and optimize performance bottlenecks for enhanced efficiency.

Likewise, conduct benchmark tests and implement improvements to achieve optimal application speed



        Education and Experience

Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field is required.

Furthermore, 1 to 4 years of experience in Java development or a similar role is preferred.

        Technical Skills

Moreover, proficiency in Java programming and object-oriented design is essential.

In addition, knowledge of frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate is a plus.

        Problem-Solving Abilities

Similarly, the ability to analyze complex issues and devise effective solutions is crucial.

Likewise, strong debugging and troubleshooting skills are necessary.




Additionally, excellent verbal and written communication skills are required to convey technical concepts effectively.

Furthermore, the ability to collaborate with team members and articulate ideas is important.

        Attention to Detail

Moreover, a keen eye for detail is necessary to write clean and error-free code.

In addition, the ability to review and optimize code for better performance is valued.


Similarly, the capacity to adapt to changing project requirements and technologies is vital.

Likewise, the willingness to learn and apply new skills in a dynamic work environment is essential.


In conclusion, the Java Specialist role demands expertise in Java programming, problem-solving abilities, and strong communication skills. With a focus on continuous learning and adaptability, candidates can excel in this dynamic IT environment. Join our team as we strive to be the Best IT Placement Agency in Surat.

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