Posted time August 9, 2023 Location Dubai Job type Sales & Marketing Department

Job Title: Senior Sales Manager

Experience: min 2 Years

Location: Deira, Dubai

Salary: up to 10K AED

Industry: Jewelry & Gems


Job Summary:

Positioned in Deira, Dubai, we are seeking a skilled Senior Sales Manager with a minimum of 2 years’ expertise in the Jewelry & Gems domain. Offering a competitive salary of up to 10,000 AED, this role presents an exceptional opportunity for professional growth. Collaborate with our renowned Job Placement Agency in Dubai to embark on a new journey in job placement. Join us in Dubai and let our expertise in job placement pave your way through success.



Sales Strategy Enhancement:

  • Additionally, collaborate with the marketing team to develop innovative strategies for boosting sales.
  • Furthermore, analyze market trends and customer preferences to identify potential areas for growth.

Team Leadership and Training:

  • Moreover, lead and motivate the sales team to achieve targets and exceed expectations.
  • In addition, conduct regular training sessions to enhance product knowledge and sales techniques.

Client Relationship Management:

  • Similarly, foster strong relationships with key clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.
  • Likewise, actively seek feedback and address concerns to ensure client satisfaction.
  • On the other hand, maintain a proactive approach to challenges and however adapt strategies as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.




Experience and Qualifications:

  • Additionally, possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience in sales, preferably within the Jewelry & Gems industry.
  • Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field will be an advantage.

Knowledge of Market Dynamics:

  • Moreover, demonstrate a deep understanding of market trends, customer behavior, and competition.
  • In addition, staying updated with industry developments is crucial.

Communication and Language Proficiency:

  • Similarly, excellent communication skills in English are essential for client interactions.
  • Likewise, proficiency in additional languages is a plus.



Leadership Abilities:

  • On the other hand, showcase strong leadership qualities to guide and inspire the sales team.
  • However, remain open to feedback and collaboration.

Negotiation and Persuasion:

  • Moreover, possess effective negotiation skills to secure deals and partnerships.
  • Furthermore, adeptly persuade clients towards mutually beneficial agreements.

Data Analysis:

  • Similarly, be skilled in analyzing sales data to make informed decisions.
  • Likewise, utilize data insights to refine sales strategies for improved outcomes.



Elevate your career in jewelry and gems sales as our Senior Sales Manager in Deira, Dubai. Join a dynamic team, collaborate with a leading Job Placement Agency in Dubai, and embark on a journey of growth and success. Apply today for this exceptional opportunity.


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