Posted time May 22, 2023 Location Surat Job type Inventory

Job Title: Inventory Manager
Experience: 1-4 Years
Salary: Up to 8.1lpa
Location: Surat

Job Summary:
We are seeking an experienced Inventory Manager to oversee and optimize our inventory in Surat. The ideal candidate will have relevant experience and possess a strong understanding of inventory management principles. As an Inventory Manager, you will be responsible for monitoring stock levels, coordinating with suppliers, and ensuring efficient storage and distribution of goods. With meticulous attention to detail and astute analytical skills, you will maintain accurate inventory records for improvement.


1. Monitor inventory levels, forecast demand, and consequently develop strategies to optimize stock availability. Moreover, proactively assess and anticipate inventory needs based on market trends and business requirements.
2. Facilitate seamless coordination with suppliers, guaranteeing timely delivery of goods while simultaneously resolving any potential supply chain issues. Foster strong partnerships with suppliers to enhance collaboration and ensure supply continuity.
3. Implement comprehensive inventory control procedures to minimize discrepancies, thereby preventing stockouts or overstock situations. Continuously refine inventory management processes to maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs.
4. Regularly conduct meticulous audits to reconcile physical stock with system records, meticulously investigating and rectifying any discrepancies. Implement robust quality control measures to ensure accurate inventory counts.
5. Analyze comprehensive inventory data, identify pertinent trends, inefficiencies, and areas for potential cost reduction. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize procurement decisions, streamline inventory turnover, and enhance profitability.


1. Possess a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics, or a related field.
2. Demonstrate 1-4 years of experience in inventory management or a similar role, exhibiting a deep understanding of industry best practices.
3. Showcase strong analytical prowess, adeptly interpreting data and making informed, data-driven decisions.
4. Proficiency in utilizing advanced inventory management software and MS Excel for comprehensive data analysis.
5. Exemplify excellent organizational and time management skills, deftly prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.
6. Display exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, fostering seamless collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders.


1. Deploy strong problem-solving abilities, deftly identifying and resolving intricate inventory-related challenges.
2. Exhibit adaptability and resilience in fast-paced environments, effectively managing shifting priorities and high-pressure situations.
3. Showcase exceptional numerical and mathematical skills, ensuring precise and accurate inventory calculations.
4. Proficiently utilize advanced inventory management systems and software to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
5. Demonstrate effective communication skills, skillfully liaising with suppliers, team members, and other stakeholders to foster fruitful relationships.
6. Adopt a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to ensure absolute accuracy in inventory tracking and reporting.

In conclusion, the Inventory Manager holds a pivotal role in optimizing inventory operations and ensuring the efficient management of stocks. The successful candidate will contribute significantly to the organization’s profitability by implementing effective inventory control procedures, maintaining meticulous records, and fostering collaboration

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