Posted time June 10, 2023 Location Ahmedabad Job type PHP Developer

Job Title: PHP Web Developer

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Location: Ahmedabad

Salary: 30k to 60k

Industry: IT


Job Summary:

PHP Web Developer with 3 to 5 years of experience sought for an exciting opportunity with a Top Job Placement Company in Ahmedabad. Join our dynamic team and utilize your expertise in PHP web development to contribute to innovative IT projects. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, develop scalable web applications, and implement robust code solutions. Showcase your proficiency in PHP frameworks and database integration. Enjoy a competitive salary ranging from 30k to 60k while being part of a thriving IT industry. Apply now and take your career to new heights!



  1. Web Development:
    • Additionally, develop and maintain web applications using PHP programming language and frameworks.
    • Furthermore, collaborate with the design team to implement user-friendly interfaces and enhance user experience.
  2. Database Integration:
    • Moreover, integrate databases, such as MySQL or MongoDB, with web applications to ensure efficient data management.
    • In addition, optimize database queries and performance to enhance application speed and responsiveness.
  3. Testing and Debugging:
    • Similarly, conduct thorough testing of web applications to identify and fix bugs and ensure optimal functionality.
    • Likewise, work closely with quality assurance teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality, error-free code.



  1. Education and Experience:
    • Additionally, possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
    • Furthermore, have 3 to 5 years of experience in PHP web development and application deployment.
  2. Programming Languages:
    • Moreover, demonstrate strong proficiency in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • In addition, familiarity with other languages like Python or Ruby is a plus.
  3. Frameworks and Technologies:
    • Similarly, have experience working with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony.
    • Likewise, familiarity with front-end frameworks like React or Angular is advantageous.



  1. Web Development:
    • Additionally, possess a solid understanding of web development principles, best practices, and standards.
    • Furthermore, demonstrate proficiency in building responsive and user-friendly web interfaces.
  2. Database Management:
    • Moreover, have knowledge of SQL and database management systems, including query optimization.
    • In addition, understand database design principles and data modeling.
  3. Problem-solving Abilities:
    • Similarly, exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills to debug and resolve technical issues.
    • Likewise, possess the ability to think creatively and find innovative solutions to complex problems.


In conclusion, this PHP Web Developer position with a Top Job Placement Company in Ahmedabad offers an exciting opportunity for professionals with 3 to 5 years of experience. With a competitive salary range of 30k to 60k, the chance to work on innovative IT projects, and a thriving industry, this role promises career growth and fulfillment. Apply now to take your career to the next level!


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