Posted time June 7, 2023 Location Surat Job type QA Analyst

Job Title: QA Analyst

Experience: 2 to 4 Years

Location: Surat

Salary: 35k to 50k

Industry: IT


Job Summary :

QA Analyst with 2 to 4 years of experience in the IT industry. Seeking a challenging role in Surat that leverages my expertise in quality assurance, testing methodologies, and defect tracking. Proficient in analyzing software requirements, designing test cases, and executing test scripts. Strong knowledge of test automation tools and frameworks. Ready to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization with the Top Recruitment Consultancy In Surat. Salary range: 35k to 50k.



  1. Test Planning and Design:
    • Additionally, collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements and define test objectives.
    • Furthermore, design test plans, test cases, and test scripts based on project specifications.
  2. Test Execution and Defect Management:
    • Moreover, execute test cases, identify and document defects, and track their resolution.
    • In addition, perform regression testing to ensure the stability and quality of the software.
  3. Test Reporting and Documentation:
    • Similarly, generate test reports and provide timely updates on testing progress.
    • Likewise, maintain comprehensive documentation of test procedures, results, and configurations.



  1. Education and Experience:
    • Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.
    • Furthermore, 2 to 4 years of experience in software quality assurance or a similar role.
  2. Knowledge of QA Principles:
    • Moreover, strong understanding of software testing principles, methodologies, and best practices.
    • In addition, familiarity with various testing techniques, including functional, regression, and performance testing.
  3. Test Automation:
    • Similarly, experience in test automation using tools like Selenium, Appium, or similar frameworks.
    • Likewise, proficiency in scripting languages such as Python, Java, or C# for test automation purposes.
  4. Defect Tracking and Management:
    • On the other hand, expertise in defect tracking tools like JIRA or Bugzilla.
    • However, ability to effectively manage defects, track their status, and collaborate with development teams for resolution.
  5. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Furthermore, excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with cross-functional teams.
    • Moreover, ability to collaborate with developers, business analysts, and project managers to ensure successful testing.



  1. Test Planning and Design:
    • Additionally, ability to create comprehensive test plans and design test cases based on requirements.
    • Furthermore, expertise in developing test scenarios and ensuring appropriate test coverage.
  2. Test Execution and Analysis:
    • Moreover, proficiency in executing test cases, identifying defects, and analyzing test results.
    • In addition, capability to troubleshoot issues, perform root cause analysis, and provide actionable recommendations.
  3. Test Documentation:
    • Similarly, strong documentation skills to create clear and concise test artifacts.
    • Likewise, ability to maintain test documentation, including test scripts, test data, and test reports.
  4. Quality Assurance Tools:
    • On the other hand, familiarity with quality assurance tools such as TestRail, Zephyr, or similar test management systems.
    • However, knowledge of version control systems like Git for test script management and collaboration.
  5. Problem-Solving:
    • Furthermore, excellent problem-solving skills to identify and resolve testing-related issues.
    • Moreover, ability to think analytically and propose innovative solutions for improving software quality.


In conclusion, the QA Analyst role requires a bachelor’s degree and 2-4 years of experience in software quality assurance. Strong knowledge of testing principles, test automation, defect management, and collaboration. Ready to contribute to a dynamic organization with the Top Recruitment Consultancy In Surat. Salary: 35k-50k.

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