Posted time August 28, 2023 Location Pune Job type IT Management

Job Title: IT Operation Manager

Experience: 1 to 3 Years

Location: Pune

Salary: up to 11.5 LPA

Industry : IT

Timing: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Job Summary:

Seeking an IT Operations Manager with 1 to 3 years of experience for a prominent IT company in Pune. Join our team through the Best IT Placement Consultant in Pune. Enjoy a competitive salary of up to 11.5 LPA. Your role involves overseeing IT operations, ensuring seamless functioning, and optimizing processes. Embrace a 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM work schedule in this dynamic industry.



Operational Oversight:

  • Additionally, supervise daily IT activities to ensure efficiency.
  • Furthermore, collaborate with teams to streamline processes and promptly resolve issues.
  • Moreover, maintain documentation for smooth workflow continuation.

Resource Management:

  • Moreover, manage IT resources effectively, allocating tasks optimally.
  • In addition, coordinate hardware and software procurement with vendors.
  • Furthermore, oversee inventory and ensure resource availability.

Performance Enhancement:

  • Similarly, analyze system performance, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Likewise, implement solutions and upgrades, optimizing IT operations.
  • Additionally, conduct regular audits to enhance system reliability.



Education and Experience:

  • Additionally, possess an IT-related degree for eligibility.
  • Furthermore, 1 to 3 years of prior IT operations experience expected.
  • Moreover, relevant certifications or courses would be advantageous.

Technical Knowledge:

  • Moreover, be familiar with networking, hardware, and software systems.
  • In addition, exhibit proficiency in troubleshooting and effective problem-solving.
  • Furthermore, stay updated with the latest technological trends.


3.Communication Skills:

Verbal Communication:

  • Similarly, demonstrate strong verbal communication skills.
  • Likewise, convey technical information clearly and effectively.
  • Additionally, liaise between technical and non-technical teams smoothly.

Written Communication:

  • Additionally, exhibit adeptness in written communication.
  • Furthermore, convey complex concepts with clarity and precision.
  • Moreover, produce comprehensive technical documentation.


4.Interpersonal Skills:


  • Moreover, excel in collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • In addition, foster a cohesive work environment for shared goals.
  • Furthermore, resolve conflicts and promote positive team dynamics.

Conflict Resolution:

  • Similarly, demonstrate skill in resolving conflicts professionally.
  • Likewise, mediate effectively to ensure harmonious teamwork.
  • Additionally, address challenges while maintaining team morale.


5.Time Management:


  • Additionally, prioritize tasks efficiently based on their urgency and importance.
  • Furthermore, manage workloads to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Moreover, adapt to changing priorities without compromising quality.

Deadline Adherence:

  • Moreover, consistently meet project deadlines and deliver results on time.
  • In addition, effectively manage time to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Furthermore, anticipate potential delays and take preemptive actions.



Incorporate your IT expertise into a dynamic role with competitive compensation. Join as an IT Operations Manager through our leading placement consultant in Pune. Elevate your career today.


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