Posted time May 23, 2023 Location Ahmedabad Job type IOS Developer

Job Title: IOS Developer

Experience: 1-3 year

Salary: 25k to 50k

Location: Ahmedabad

Industry: IT


Job Summary:

We are seeking an iOS Developer to join our IT industry in Ahmedabad. As an iOS Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing iOS applications. You should have 1-3 years of experience in iOS app development, with a strong understanding of iOS frameworks and programming languages. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the creation of innovative and user-friendly iOS applications in the IT industry.



App Development:

  • Firstly, design and develop iOS applications according to project requirements.
  • Commonly, collaborate with cross-functional teams to define app features and functionality.
  • Lastly, ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications.

Code Review and Testing:

  • Firstly, review code for quality, performance, and adherence to coding standards.
  • Commonly, conduct unit testing and debugging of the application code.
  • Lastly, identify and fix bugs and performance issues.

Documentation and Maintenance:

  • Firstly, document the development process, including design, coding, and testing.
  • Commonly, maintain codebase and version control of the application.
  • Lastly, update and enhance existing applications as needed.

Continuous Learning:

  • Firstly, stay up to date with the latest iOS development trends, frameworks, and technologies.
  • Commonly, continuously improve coding skills and practices.
  • Lastly, share knowledge and best practices with the development team.




  • Firstly, 1-3 years of experience in iOS app development.
  • Commonly, experience in developing and deploying iOS applications.


  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred.

Programming Languages:

  • Firstly, proficiency in Swift and Objective-C programming languages.
  • Commonly, knowledge of iOS frameworks such as UIKit, Core Data, and Core Animation.
  • Lastly, familiarity with RESTful APIs and JSON.

Problem Solving:

  • Firstly, strong problem-solving skills to analyze issues and propose effective solutions.
  • Commonly, ability to debug and troubleshoot application errors.
  • Lastly, attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the application.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Firstly, excellent communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Commonly, ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Lastly, teamwork and collaboration skills to work in a fast-paced development environment.



As an iOS Developer in our IT industry, you will play a crucial role in designing and developing innovative iOS applications. By utilizing your expertise in iOS frameworks and programming languages, you will contribute to the creation of user-friendly and high-performance applications. If you have 1-3 years of experience in iOS app development and possess strong problem-solving and communication skills, we invite you to apply for this position in Ahmedabad. The salary for this role ranges from 25k to 50k. Join our team and be part of our efforts to deliver cutting-edge iOS applications in the IT industry.


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